All Tuckered Out,….

cat days exhausted 2 exhausted

With the house up for sale I’m trying to keep the house spotless. So today I did nothing but clean. Cleaned out the laundry room, my room, Hayleys room, cupboards,…. It looks so beautiful. I’m falling in love with my house all over again. Sigh,…  😦     (Just in time to sell it,….)

cartoon cleaning lady 2                 cleaning lady

Oh well. Cleaning kept my mind off of everything. I actually was in a good mood all day. I picked Hayley up at dinner time so shes here now for the weekend. And she brought her H2o Mop (Molly – yes, she named her mop) so I can wash all my floors.

Re-reading this I see that I really need a life,…LOL

spring_cleaning 2


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