Father’s Day

I am always at a loose end on Father’s Day. My Dad, Tony Morgan, passed away 6 years ago now. He was a great father. During my childhood he was one of those Dad’s who loved to do stuff with us. Even in an era when Father’s weren’t normally so ‘hands-on’. He was quiet, smart and I thought he was the greatest human being alive.

When I was still married and my two daughters were still young, my parents would drive out to St. Thomas where we lived about once a month and stay with us for days. They loved my girls and were always very close to them.

But, as sometimes happens in families, things happened. It was already a difficult time for me when my father fell ill. My marriage was ending. I had to leave the family house which I loved,… I was struggling. My Dad was my stability. He was the one I always felt accountable to. I wanted his respect more than anything. Once he died,… (June 16th 2003) my world fell apart.   

Terrible, tragic things were happening. It ended up with me being ‘estranged’ from the Morgan family. That has never mended. It only gotten worse over time. Now we don’t talk at all. If my father could see this family now, he would be heartbroken.

So every fathers day leaves me feeling sad.

I loved my Dad.


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