First day of summer,…and it’s beautiful!

My day didn’t start off that good. Because of the new meds I’m starting for the fibromyalgia, It knocked me out for the count and I didn’t wake up until noon! But, things got better.

Once I was up I realized that St. Thomas had it’s Wings and Wheels air show today. Again, just like the June long-weekend-when I didn’t realize the fireworks were on, I didn’t realize the air show was today. But, I saw a lot of it anyway. Another advantage for my 6th floor balcony. You could see so much. It was awesome! The Snowbirds,… SkyHawks,… a CF-18 Century Hornet,…. My Dad would have really enjoyed it. Before he passed away he went to every Air Show going. He was a photographer and planes was one of his favourites to photograph. I always marvel at the Snowbirds no matter how many times I see them!

snowbirds SkyHawk 

I went to the beach later and walked along the shore. I try and get down to Port Stanley at least once a week. It’s so nice. I can’t stay long due to my virgin Irish skin but I’m good at using sunscreen and only staying out in the sun for short periods of time. But, having said that,… not today. I burnt. Ouch! Not a lot, but enough to hurt.


Once I got back from the beach I was so bored that I walked over to Tim Horton’s for an ice-cap. This is one time I hate being “NEW” in town. There were so many people outside on their decks/porches with their family/friends having a few drinks. I really miss that.

I got a call from my ex last night. My youngest daughter, Hayley, who had that ‘issue’ a few weeks ago, is going through more crap. My ex is very, very strict with her and even “I” think he’s too hard on her at times. Anyway, She’s had such a rough go of it. All I wanted to do was hop in the car and drive out there to give her a hug. But I can’t. My car needs repairs and I don’t want to risk driving a 7 hour round trip in it. But my heart goes out to her,…

Well, that’s it for me today.


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