Went to the beach

busy beach

Yeah, probably shouldn’t have gone to the beach! In my infinite wisdom I thought if I wait until late afternoon not only will the sun not be as strong, but there would be fewer people there. Not so. I was lucky enough not to burn after choosing this later time, but the people? It was packed! I like to walk up the shoreline and back but today it was so crowded I couldn’t do that. So I walked the back of the beach instead which of course isn’t near the water so it was really hot! I think next time I’ll go throughout the week instead of a weekend.

Now,… at the risk of sounding like a bad person I am going to say,….

What the hell is up with Michael Jackson? Millions and millions of people are mourning this guy. People,… He was a freak bordering on a pedophile! Have we all forgotten? The little boys he played with in his bed? The barometric chamber he slept in, buying the elephant mans remains, he named his kid ‘blanket’ and dangled him from a 3rd story window. He wore a surgical mask everywhere he went, Come on, admit it,  He was a freak. But now that he has passed away everyone is jumping on this King of Pop greatest entertainer ever bandwagon. Sorry, I’m not buying it. People are making a bigger fuss than they did when Mother Theresa died! I feel badly for his family but to have people ‘worship’ him is just plain wrong. You wouldn’t be worshiping him if it was your son in his bed.

Jackson Take a look folks. Normal?

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  1. Sue
    Jun 28, 2009 @ 01:02:47

    We went to Port Dover today, and it was so packed it was unreal!And I soooo hear you on the Michael Jackson hoopla! You know, 25 years ago he was a brilliant musician, innovative, creative, and he had a strong influence on music of the era. But seriously, for the past 20 years, what has he done other than become more and more bizarre? It was only a matter of time before his body gave out from all the crap he\’s done to it, and frankly, the world is better off without men of his ilk. I do feel for his family, and those few people who genuinely loved him, but I wish the media would just scrap it!


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