Job Hunting

job hunting

How depressing! I went out job hunting again today. I put out 32 application/resumes’. I went everywhere. But it was so degrading! Three places told me I was ‘over’ qualified. By the 3rd time I asked if that was a problem and they said yes, it means you’ll get trained and then realize your over qualified, get bored and then quit. Hmmm. Thanks for the optimism.

But worse,… four told me I wasn’t qualified at all. I can agree with that,… If it wasn’t for Rogers Video Store!  (What, I don’t know how to put out a DVD on the shelf  properly? As well as a company that makes reservations for hotels, etc,.. Customer service reps. Another? Home Hardware as a cashier! What on earth are the qualifications I don’t have for that????? Oh it’s been soooo frustrating. If I wasn’t depressed before, I certainly am now! I guess I will just have to be patient. Most of the places I went to said they have nothing until the kids go back to school so if I can just hold on till then,… (which I don’t think I can – things aren’t being paid as it is right now – another 2 months and everything will be cut off here!)

But, I will try and stay optimistic. Something is bound to turn up. Cross your fingers and toes for me everyone.

Oh well, at least I have this Friday to look forward to. The girls are coming up here for the weekend. I can’t wait to see them. I miss them so much. So that’s something positive.

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