Finally found a Church!

Well, I have been living in St. Thomas since April and have been doing the rounds looking for a Church that I like. I think today I found it. St. Mark’s United. I think it’s the closest I will find to NBUC. (North Bramalea United – my last Church that I had been going to for over 10 years).

But was it ever hot in there today! It’s hard to concentrate on the sermon when your sweating buckets. I am NOT a person who likes the heat – at all! I was very thankful for my little air-conditioner in my apt. Walking in to that cool blast was heaven.

I finally found a job too. Yes, I am back at Tim Hortons. I just couldn’t find a job here in my field. (medical admin/assistant). So I guess I can’t be choosy. A girls got to get by somehow. I start tomorrow. I know the job. I worked there in 2004 while I put myself through school. One good thing about it is you meet so many people! When I was new to Bolton, ON I didn’t know a soul. I worked at the Tim Hortons there and by the time I left 2 years later I knew everybody. If you drank coffee,… I knew you! So that will be a good thing. I’m spending too much time alone missing my girls. This will definitely change that. Hopefully, I’ll be too busy to dwell on not having them here.

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