I started my new job this morning at T** H*****"s. All I can say is, it is a far cry from the one I worked in in Bolton. Bolton’s was clean (very clean!) and well run. But this one? Ewwww,… It was filthy! I had to sit down and watch all these videos that all new employee’s have to watch and it was gross. The seat was sticky,… The table was sticky,… The keyboard was,…? Don’t even want to guess what was all over that. The back looked like something from an old greasy diner! Nothing about it would get me to eat there. Out of all the T** H*****’s here in St. Thomas, I get the oldest and worst run to work in. I wanted to get hired at the one by my apt as it is brand new and CLEAN! Knowing my luck, that one will call me next week and I will have to turn them down. I am soooooo bummed.

I talked to my Mom last night and Hayley today. They are wanting me to come out to Brampton on the first weekend in September so we can celebrate my birthday. (46!!! Where did all those years go??) I also have to go to Newmarket for a doctors app’t on Sept. 28th. So I will have to ask for this time off at my new job. (Hopefully they’ll say no and I’ll have to quit) :-{  Terrible thing to say seeing as I’m desperate for work but really, I am a germ-a-phobe and this place is way to ‘germy’ for me. People can start taking bets now on how long I’ll last before I’m out of there.

Not a good start to the work-week.  😦


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  1. Sue
    Aug 17, 2009 @ 23:51:22

    Hey girl, it\’s a job and a pay check. They always say it\’s easier to find a job from a job – maybe you don\’t have that desperate look, I don\’t know. But if the other Timmies does call you, why can\’t you accept their offer and leave the icky one?


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