St. Thomas was safe, Others not so lucky,…


Wow, St. Thomas was very lucky. Tornados ravaged much of Ontario yesterday. Destroying homes and businesses everywhere. The tornado warning was broadcast on TV letting everyone know there was a severe storm, hail and likely tornado warning. But, being from this area we get quite a few of these warnings interrupting out tv programs, but I don’t usually worry too much about them.  And yesterday, when the warning was given, it was actually bright and sunny out. Didn’t give it another thought. Then the thunderstorm came. Again didn’t think much of it. Fairly normal. But when I watched the news that night, Wow! Loads of towns and cities did get hit. It was all around. Lots and lots of damage but luckily only one death. Pretty miraculous when you see all the destruction it left behind.

I am now questioning whether living in a 7 story apartment building is safer or more dangerous than being in a home when these monstrosities of nature hit.  Anyone know the stats on this????

I am still working at my new job at T** H******. I can’t get my head round the fact that 5 years ago I worked at T** H****** for 2 years while I put myself through school in the hope of getting myself up another rung on the ladder of life. Never expected to be back working here again because I can’t find any jobs in my field. Makes me feel like I’m going backwards rather than forwards. Bummer. Oh well. I just suck it up and get on with it. The bills have to be paid and I’m thankful I now have a job to do that. Even if it’s not the right job. 😦

Today is Friday though so I have the weekend off. Yeah!


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