Sad to see the memories go

Yesterday I traded my lifetime of memories for $210.00!

I came to a point yesterday where I just had no choice but to finally bite the bullet and pawn all my jewellery and my flute. Awww,… It was hard to let it all go. But I haven’t had cash for nearly a month now and it was getting to the point of dire. Hadn’t done laundry in a month because I didn’t have the money ($3.00 a load) I had no gas in my car so was walking everywhere. Food? Just completely draining my pantry supply so that now that too is empty. You should see my fridge! You could yodel in there and Switzerland would hear the echos. God, how did I get myself into such a state.  Well, I know that one don’t I?

It was a surreal experience pawning stuff. Standing in front of someone who judges your belongings on whether there even worth anything. My wedding & engagement rings? Well, you can imagine my shock when I learned the stones were fake!! Fake! My ex-husband bought me fake rings for our marriage. I actually didn’t believe him so took them to a jeweller who confirmed it and then went back to the pawn broker tail between legs. I got $210.00 for them. All 4 rings. (Wedding ring – 2 engagement rings that fit around it – and a birthstone ring – all fake stones) I had a bag full of stuff he didn’t even want. (Lilliput lane ornament worth over $500.00,… Signed & framed Walter Campbell print,…  etc,…apparently these things just don’t sell)

So that was that. My life traded. I came home and promptly burst into tears. Can’t explaine the emptiness I felt.

But I was able to fill the car up with Gas, Get $30.00 change for laundry, and bought some groceries. Didn’t take much to spend. I’m always astounded at how much life costs just to exist. But this now buys me another week or two.

Arghh,…. ♪♪ Selling England By The Pound ♪♪ (An old Genesis song for those old enough to remember,….


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  1. IR
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 07:37:21

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and feel like I’ve gotten to know you as a friend. So sorry to hear that you’ve been going through such a tough time. I wished there was a way to reach out and help you. Please keep your chin up and hopefully something will turn up for you in the future.


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