Started back on my medication

I have only been back on my medication for 4 days now and it is not going well. I am already feeling that all too familiar feeling of being too stoned to function. This is not a pleasant “LaLa Land” feeling. This is  “can’t keep my eyelids open, stumble around my apartment like a drunk and sleep for 15 – 16 hours at a time because I’m too strung out to move” stoned. I’m so disappointed. Is this it for my life now? I don’t take my medication and I’m so depressed I don’t want to live or take my medication and become so stoned I can’t function so have no life???? I’m not sure either option is acceptable. So, so disappointed,…..


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  1. beth
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 22:03:19

    Hey! Can’t you have your dosage monitored to find the right “fit”?
    How is your mom doing in her new home? I told her I would drop in near end of month as I have to go there for hockey.


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