I could just cry!

I could just sit down and cry right now if I weren’t so pissed off. My computer crashed mid-October and I took it in to get fixed. At first it would be $95.00 so I said go ahead and fix it. Then I get a call it’s something else so its more. I hummed & hawed and then said what the hell go for it. I need a computer and its useless to me right now unless fixed. Then (and this after a week) I get another call. It’s your motherboard and you need a new one. It’s going to be $300.00. Holy shit,… I do not have that kind of money but they’ve already had and worked on it for a week so feeling that “How the hell am I gonna pay for this” panic I said to go ahead and fix it. They order in a new motherboard – not compatible. (same brand-same year,etc,.. but wouldn’t fit??) So they have to order another one. This one fits (different brand) and seems to do the trick. But now,… My windows Vista doesn’t work with it. (??) so I need to install Windows 7. ($147.00)  Hmmmm,…. I’m feeling like I’m being taken for a ride but I don’t know a thing about computers and they do seem sincere,… so I cough up my credit card and take home my newly refurbished lifeline to the world. And it works. Woowho,… “Jazz Hands” I’m back on the net,….

Until this morning. Suddenly, nothing on my desktop works. I click an icon. Nothing,… I click every icon,… Dead,… So i try going to start – Internet Explorer – type in my website – and hope for the best. The window opens but stays white and freezes. Now I can’t close it so have to do the old “control-alt-delete” just to get out of it. So basically my computer is useless once again. So, I call the people who fixed it and they tell me “You have an old mouse that’s not compatible with the newer upgrade” What?? If that s the case why didn’t they update that too? So I hang up not happy. Go to WalMart and learn that a half descent mouse is about $40.00 – $80.00. (really???) And I can’t find a corded one and the wireless seem to plug into your CPU-USB which is under my desk and not within (laser?) range so the guy said it probably wouldn’t work without this other ($15.00) do-hickey thingamabob. Now, I’m not only getting pissed off but I’m also getting confused. All I want to know is what is wrong with my computer now and how to fix the problem. So I go home and phone the IT people back and demand they take a look at it. You can tell she’s not happy and thinks I’m being neurotic or something and finally agrees to ‘just look at it’. But, they won’t have time until Monday. Arghhh,…… I am really starting to lose it now. WHY DO THESE THINGS ALWAYS SEEM TO HAPPEN TO ME???????? I don’t have one red cent to pay for anything else. So if these people continue to be snotty about all this and refuse to fix it (for no more money) then I am truly screwed and will just have to give up my computer.

So frustrated!!! Everything in this apt is broken. My microwave, DVD player, toaster, CD player,… and nothing is getting fixed/replaced anytime soon. Is there a black cloud that lives above me and kills everything electronic within 50 feet? And why the hell does it live over ME??? yup, you guessed it – FED UP! And don’t forget my car is in need of $500.00 worth of work done to it so if I had known all this crap BEFORE I brought my computer in I would have opted to fix the car instead of the computer. Too late now. Credit card is at its limit. Maxed out – cannot use anymore,…. useless to me,…

I just want to sit down on my couch and cry! (but this little rant helped a little) :-}

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  1. Jen
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 10:47:29

    Sorry to hear your so frustrated right now. But really, your computer being broken isn’t really whats bothering you is it? It sounds to me like your just really overwhelmed right now. Have you got someone you can talk to? I’ve been re-reading some of your blog and I think the biggest problem you have right now is living so far away from all of your family. Maybe if you could just work on moving closer to your daughters everything else would start to fall into place because you wouldn’t feel so lonely and out of touch with everyone. I think being so far away has worsened your depression. Can you move closer to them?


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