Just a quick post

Wow, Last week was really brutal. I came down with food poisoning and ended up having to go to hospital because I got so dehydrated. They hooked me up to an IV drip and I started feeling a bit more human soon afterwards. But the sickness itself took so much out of me. It’s just yesterday that I finally started to feel well enough to be up and around.  I never, NEVER want to go through that again!  (I think as we get older we don’t re-coup from illnesses as quickly as we did when we were young,…)

I’m still feeling quite bummed about not being with family for the holidays this year but theres nothing I can do about that so might as well just grin and bare it. Afterall it’s just another day, right???? (yeah, ok,~ I don’t believe that either,…) But, on the bright side, J*** has invited me over there for a few hours Christmas Day and I think that will make a huge difference in how well I get through it. Apparently it’s going to be just her and J***.  So it’ll be low-key but enjoyable all the same.  (I’m not much of a partier so I actually prefer low key) Judy is a fantastic cook so I know I will be spoiled in that aspect. Of course it won’t be the same without my girls/family but I will still enjoy the day regardless. They have 2 daughters as well. One lives in Ottawa and wasn’t able to drive up here and the other will be coming by later in the evening. So I guess it will just be the 3 of us for dinner. Judy has always been so good to me andI’m really grateful that she thought of me. So Christmas day won’t be the tearful mess I thought it was going to be.

I wanted to at least call Michelle & Hayley as well as my Mom on Christmas day but my stupid  phone is broken. Apparently the battery in my cordless home phone is dying. (I didn’t even know land-line phones had battteries,..but,…there you go,… they do,…) I answer a call and within 2 or 3 minutes the phone just dies. I looked into getting a new battery but they’re about $80.00!!! So, I figure I’ll just wait until I  can save up a bit and then just buy a whole new phone. I’m sure they’re pretty reasonably priced at WalMart or whatever. And I can communicate with the girls through Facebook for now. It’s only Mom I can’t really talk to which really sucks because shes still in the hospital apparently. (although come to think of it, no one called me when I was in the hospital,…) No one has called me in a few months, so they wouldn’t have even known I was IN the hospital! But, whatever,… I know I have developed this weird phone phobia over the past year or so (for lack of a better phrase to call it) where I hate to answer the phone when people call. My therapist has suggested that it probobly comes from feeling so depressed that I just can’t muster up the energy to ‘act normal’ when people call. And that is true. It does take a lot of my energy to ‘fake it’ so I just don’t bother. I do answer when my Aunt D calls or Michelle or Hayley,… for obvious reasons – I miss them terribly and want to know how they’re doing. Besides they know about the depression and social isolation issue I have so I don’t have to pretend when they call. Well, maybe a little pretending but,….worth it to hear their voices.

Anyway, thats all I’m going to write tonight. I haven’t really felt like writing the past few weeks. (Yup, bad case of food poisoning will do that to you,…don’t feel like doing much of anything,…)


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