So far 2011 is going well

Wow, I had forgotten just how stressful moving can be. It’s not so much the packing. It’s trying to find a place. And one where the dates of my 60 day notice here and their availability date coincide. So far everything I looked at will be gone by my April 1st 2011 date of leaving here when my lease is up. It’s really been stressing me out. So i went down to my landlords and begged them to let me change my date to March 1st instead of April 1st. At first they said they couldn’t but after begging (yes, I’m not above begging,…) They finally agreed to let me change my moving date to March. This is great and will be so much more helpful to me.

I saw an apt today in Tottenham. The price is perfect. Plus it includes all my internet/tv/etc,… so it would be about $300.00 cheaper a month. I called right away and made an apt to view it tomorrow. The pictures look beautiful. But I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high as I know anything can happen when apt hunting. (Pictures look better than actual apt,… Landlords dont’ accept my application,…etc,…) So I am trying to just stay calm and just hope for the best. So tomorrow I guess I am making that dreaded 3½ hr drive again. I’m just praying the weather holds and we don’t end up with a rotten snow storm or something that will make the drive horrible. Fingers crossed. The good thing is, no matter what happens with the apt,… at least I will be able to see Hayley for a bit. Haven’t seen her in ages and miss her terribly. (Michelle’s away at college so won’t get to see her.) So the trip will not be wasted time no matter what. And if there’s enough time I can swing by Elora and see my Mom. I’m pretty sure I can. That will be great as I haven’t seen her in her new retirement home yet.

So, ending this here. Will blog again when I have news. WISH ME LUCK!!

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