Great weekend

Just relaxing today. I had such a busy two days that I am exhausted. Went to 6 different towns and put 700 km on my car in less than 24 hrs. But I had such a great time.

There are people in your life that you think of as your ‘re-charge’ people. The ones that when you see them you just have such a nice time that it seems to re-charge your batteries. They make you feel like your life is good and you’re a lucky person to know them. In my life those people are my two girls Michelle and Hayley and my Aunt Doreen. I managed to see all three of them this weekend. First I drove to Alliston to pick Hayley up from school after her last exam. Then off to Tottenham to my new apartment so I could take some measurements. Then we drove to Newmarket where I had a specialist appointment with an allergists. Then on to Aurora to my Aunt Doreens where we spent the night. It always feels so good to me to just hang out with a couple of drinks and just catch up on each others lives. The next morning Hayley and I said good-bye to Doreen and then drove up to Barrie to visit with Michelle. It’s her “20th” birthday (today) so we wanted to be with her to celebrate. We all went shopping at the mall (what else do girls want to do???) with the 3 of us as well as Michelle’s roommate Jess. Then lunch and back to her apt. Of course before we knew it was time to leave. I had a lot of driving ahead of me and Michelle and Jess needed to get ready for their birthday evening (Dinner & bar). So I drove Hayley back home to Tottenham and then carried on home from there. Was sorry I didn’t get to squish a visit in to my Moms as well but by the time I drove through Fergus on the way home it was much too late for visitors at the retirement home so I just carried on. (Next time,…)

I got home quite late and just collapsed on the couch. TV and snuggles with Maggie and then off to bed. I was so shattered I didn’t wake up until noon this morning!! But the whole weekend has just got me even more excited to move. Being close to my family and friends again is going to be such a positive thing for me. I know it will help with the depression I’ve been struggling with for the past 2 years. Give me something to get up for each morning. So,… 25 days and counting,…. and I’ll be back in Tottenham. Life is good at the moment and no one can ask for more than that can they??


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