Still Slipping

OK, I admit it. I’m still not doing too well. I’m struggling with my depression again. I am working hard to push through it as I have so much to do right now but I don’t think I’m winning this battle. The “Black Fog” has descended. 😦

I never understand how quickly these mood changes occur. Just a month ago I seemed to be on the up-swing. Feeling pretty good. Looking forward. Motivated,…. But not anymore. I feel sad and lethargic. I won’t get into it all because it’s all so, well,… depressing,….

So I will ‘up’ my medication a bit and hope that helps. (but doesn’t throw me into the ‘stoned-hung-over feeling again) There just doesn’t seem to be an answer to this should I continue meds or not debate. I think I’m on the wrong medication entirely. So I will just muddle through until I can get moved and settled in Tottenham. I am hopeful that the new help (In Alliston ~ Mary McGill Community Mental health Centre) can get to the bottom of things and start me on some proper ~ more helpful ~ medication which in turn will get me back on track so I can put this depression behind me once again.

But for now,… It’s all feeling a bit over-whelming. It’s definitely a struggle,…. but I’m trying my best.

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