I have moved

I am completely shattered!  But will try to fill you in on the past 4 days.

The move was basically HELL! It decided to snow that day so that hindered a lot. Slowed things down considerably.

The movers arrived at my old apt @ 2:00pm Thursday just as they agreed. Poor Maggie was beside herself not knowing what was going on. Once my bedroom was emptied I stayed in there with her to try to keep her calm but she mewed the whole time.  It took about 3 hours to load everything into the van. I was on my way to Tottenham by 6:00pm. I wanted to stop in Elora to visit with Mom on my way to the new apt but it was nearly 9:00pm when I drove through that area so much too late. I was disappointed about that as I haven’t seen her in ages and was anxious to visit with her again. Oh well. I got to Tottenham about 10:00pm. The owners hadn’t even finished moving all their stuff out of the apartment yet which really threw me into a tail-spin. When I walked in they were all sitting around the wood stove eating spaghetti. Not good for this ol’ girls anxiety I can tell you. But I forced myself to take it in stride and I smiled and sat down with them. They eventually got everything moved out by midnight. Because I had no TV/Phone or internet there really wasn’t anything to do so I just went to bed. If you’ll remember I couldn’t take my couch as it wouldn’t fit so the owners left me their couch and I slept on that. It was cold and creepy in that empty place all by myself. Poor Maggie. She stayed inside her cat carrier the whole time too freaked out to come out of it.

I was awake by 6 and started emptying the car. It’s amazing how much my good ol “Bella” can hold when I pack her. She was full to the brim with stuff. I could barely see out the back window to drive. So I had stuff to do now. I hung all the curtains. Unpacked my computer. Did some cleaning. The movers arrived about 10:00am with my van full of stuff. The snow was still falling quite heavily so it made it messy and slower. But they had everything in by 2:00pm. That’s when I just sat down and looked around and thought “What the hell have I done?” The place was KAOS. I could barely see the floor or the walls and just getting from one side of the room to the other was like navigating a Japanese City! No room anywhere. Hayley got there shortly after. Between us we managed to sort enough out that we could breathe a bit. She brought her friend Nachelle so there was 3 of us working at it.

Now for the problems and there are a few,….  The laundry machine doesn’t work. I already knew this and the owner said he would have that fixed for me in a “few months” (although he did neglect to tell me this the first day I looked at the apt,…hmm,…) Now I discovered the fridge doesn’t work either. He said he’ll get that fixed next week. Is he kidding me? No fridge for over a week?? I left my food out in the mud room but all the liquids froze. I had to chip off a chunk of milk for my coffee. The shower nozzle is broken so had a hell of a time taking a shower. Never did manage to get any hot water so made do with luke -warm. He’ll get that fixed,… yes,… you guessed it,… next week. My lovely soaker tub I was so looking forward to sinking into a hot epsom bath with??? The plug is gone so he has to get a new one fitted. (No time estimate given on this one,… hmm,….. ) Obviously he isn’t aware of my Fibromyalgia and the need for a hot bath. Guess I will be nagging him on getting this job done. The apartment itself was absolutely FREEZING! This is a house out in the country so it doesn’t have a furnace. It’s heated by oil and they are out of oil right now. Surely he’s aware we’re in the midst of a cold, Canadian winter??? He gave me two heaters and left me to fend for myself. The three of us girls nearly froze during the night. Hayley & Nachelle had 9 blankets on their bed and I had 7. We were still cold. The next day by the afternoon I was so cold I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes so I told him something had to be done. So he brought in some wood and lit the wood burning stove for me. HEAVEN! Now I’m not sure if I’m meant to buy myself my own wood for this thing or what? Didn’t see anymore laying about. (I’ll just steal from his pile at the side of the house,… she said with wicked sneer and laugh) Now I’m to get use to stoking this fire every hour. It’s a lot of work to keep it going enough to warm this basement apartment (which is completely ceramic tile so quite cold). And I’m not sure if we’re meant to get up every hour during the night to keep it going or if we just let it go out and wake up with icicles on our noses? I guess this is the joys of country living.

Getting my TV hooked up was done first thing with no problems. Yes! (I’m a bit of a TV addict,….) But the internet? Not so easy. He had called his  “IT Guy”  (does everyone have one of these except me???) and together it took them 2 days to finally get me on-line. I didn’t realize just how addicted I am to the internet until I didn’t have it for nearly 4 days. I felt so cut off from the world. I’m sure it was withdrawal symptoms I was going through by Sunday morning. My phone is now working too.

The biggest problem I have right now is I still have a ton of stuff to put away but there isn’t anywhere to actually put it. The very limited 2 cupboards in the kitchen? When you open them there’s no wood bottom. It’s just the ceramic floor and its all dirty and cobwebby and disgusting so I refuse to put anything in them. So I told the owner and he’s now going to give me his old dining room hutch for my dishes. (But can’t get it to me until next week) I will be forced to buy another pantry as well as a wardrobe for my clothes. Until I can afford/get these two things the boxes are all sat on the floor glaring at me. I’m now at the point where I just don’t know what to do next. Every time I tell myself to get back at it, It all just looks too over-whelming so I slink back to my computer instead. I’m kind of at a stand-still until I get the hutch, pantry and wardrobe.

Tomorrow I have decided to drop everything and get out of here for a while. So Michelle and I are going to drive out to Elora and visit my Mom. Looking forward to that.

And that’s my story so far,……  Right now I’m off to stoke that wood devouring fire and then watch some TV before falling into bed. Thats about all I’m capable of doing right now. Too exhausted for anything else.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elizabeth Barnesco
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 21:13:20

    So glad you are finally moved! Moving is always horrid, and it sounds like you got more than your share of MoveMisery. Sorry that the new place has some wrinkles…hope the new landlord resolves them quickly!


  2. doreen
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 18:44:44

    APPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPARENTLY GODDDDDDDDDDDD will only give us as much as we can handle.. Have u found a new church yet to talk to your ALMIGHTY GOD…. SORRY but this is almost a sitcom…. BUT.. you’ll make…. LOL …glad your back… everything will fall into place.


  3. "In The Pink" blog author
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 21:46:03

    Please do not take what I am about to write the wrong way…LMFAO! You cannot make this stuff up. If I were you I would be in a ball on the floor crying through my laughter at the whole mess. I am so sorry for your woes. At least things can only get better…right? But at least the move is over with. You are most definitely in my thoughts.


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