Quiet Day

I’m just spending a quiet day packing. I haven’t heard from the new apartment in Fergus as to whether my application was accepted or not. The cheque I gave him hasn’t been cashed yet so now I’m getting a little worried. The superintendent said the owner would cash my cheque if I got the apartment. But, I’m not going to worry about it. I’m sure I’ll hear soon.

I did talk with the superintendent though about a moving date. Apparently its a situation where an 80 yr old man is going into a retirement home. Now he could go early and then the crew could get in to do all the painting and cleaning early in which case I could move in on May 1st. But if the man doesn’t leave until April 30th then it’s going to be longer as it will take a week to paint and clean. So May 6’ish???? But, being a Virgo this is annoying to me as I like to make my plans. I have to arrange movers and they will need a date as soon as I can give them one. The superintendent doesn’t seem to be too concerned. He has that “whatever” attitude. “Don’t know when it’ll get done. We’ll just have to wait and see,…”  (obviously he’s never dealt with annoyingly organized Virgos before!) So, I’m just going to go ahead and plan for May 6th and hope that everything falls into place nicely.

Today I was asked by this landlord here if it would be alright if he brought an appraiser down here to take a look at the apartment. (You mean he’s asking me now? Usually he just knocks on the door at the last second to ask about stuff like this) My frosty attitude must have shown him I’m a little perturbed at his casualness. When the guy came to fix the washing machine he didn’t even tell me. There was just a knock on my door at 8:00 in the morning. I had to let him in but I wasn’t happy about it. A little warning would have been appreciated so I could have been up and dressed at least.

Anyway,… Now I have to sit and wonder,… He’s got an appraiser coming to look at the house. Hmmmmm,…. what does that mean? The only time I would ever have an appraiser come to look at my house is if I were selling it. So I think I was right all along. I think he’s really on a sinking ship and he thought he could just throw a tenant into his “rec-room basement” and make some extra money. But I don’t think he counted on the fact that I would call him on all his un-professionalism and not-up-to-standard conditions down here. (He says he’s had tenants down here before who never complained about anything! – Well good for you – go back and rent this dump to THEM then,….) I have cost him money. He’s had to buy a fridge (I mean come on – Did he really think I would just not say anything about not having a fridge???) He’s had to fix the washing machine. He had to try to figure out a way to heat this place. Which he never did – although he THINKS he did. He says the 1 can of diesel into the oil tank everyday was fine and it should have been toasty warm down here after that. Ummmm – No. It wasn’t. In fact the rads were cool to the touch. No heat. And if he werent’ financially in trouble,… then why didn’t he just throw a half a tank of oil in the oil tank instead of this 1 can-a-day lark? That made no sense to me at all except to think he just didn’t have the money to do that. So in the end, I have had to supply my own heat. (Just wait until he gets his hydro bill! Beth’s infrared heater works a charm but I think it uses a lot of hydro!)

He’s also asking questions now. “Ummm, do you know when you’ll be leaving yet?”  To which I frostily replied,… “No, not yet,… maybe the first week in May,….” because I think he now realizes he can’t save this sinking ship so he has to sell it and in order to do that it will be a hell of a lot easier to sell with no tenant sat in the basement. I think now he wants me out. Hopefully this gives me a little bit of leverage when it comes to not paying him anymore money for anything. He mentioned that he would ‘pro-rate’ my May rent to how many days I end up staying here. Hahahahaha,….. Yeah, like I’m going to pay you for an apartment I have to supply my own heat for. (and if I thought I was cold,… His family upstairs have no heat either except for their one wood burning stove which obviously doesn’t heat the whole area. It’s absolutely freezing up there. He’s not even supplying proper heat to his own family!!)

So lets summarize,…. he can’t afford to fill the oil tank. He can’t afford to have a car. (a real estate agent with no car??) He can’t afford to buy the fridge he got me as when they brought it the first time I was told they couldn’t leave it as there was a problem with the payment.  Couldn’t even afford to put locks on my doors! Said he would have to wait a bit to do that. Yup,… I think he’s going down. I’m just so glad that I decided to get out of here.

So that’s whats up right now. I can’t say for certain but I think he may be selling up. And this girl was lucky enough to grab a lifeboat before it went down. (Thanks to a lot of angels/friends behind the scenes helping me every way they can,…. )

So I’m definitely getting out of here. Just don’t know the exact date yet. That is a huge load off of my mind. And (hopefully) Fergus,…. here I come,……


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  1. Kathleen
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 00:31:22

    Hey there cuz.

    about an appraiser goin thru your place..not only do they get calls for sale appraisals..they get calls when owners are taking out second mortgages or lines of credit and using the property as security,,just a thought 4 ya..and how the hell can i get a blog lol..i need somewhere to vent!!


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