Just checking in quickly

I’ve had 3 people call me over the past day and a half. Apparently you worry if I haven’t blogged in a few days. Nope, I’m fine. I just haven’t written on here becasue I’m sick of whining!!!! Theres only so many times you can write all the things wrong in this apartment. So from here on in I think I’ll just bite my tongue and keep it to myself. Only 5 weeks left here.

I’m not getting my mail though. So tomorrow I think I’m going to drive into Fergus and rent a post office box and take out (yet another) change of address effective immediately for all mail to be sent there. At least then it’s back in my control. I’ve been in this apartment for nearly 5 weeks and they’ve only ever brought it to me 3 times. It just sits up there in there dining room waiting until one of them decides I may actually need it. We’re not on speaking terms anymore so that makes it even more difficult. I can’t bring myself to ask for it. So instead of complaining to them (yet again) and nagging them for my mail all the time I’ll just get myself a new mail box. End of issue,….

 Hayley and I went to Fergus to see Mom on Sunday. She actually seemed a teeny-weeny bit better. Apparently someone spoke to her about being a bit nicer to people as she was upsetting so many people. She must have taken it to heart because even though she wasn’t “chatty” she did try a bit. Asking about the weather, etc,… It’s FAR from the Mom I remember and know and love but it gave me hope she is in there somewhere. She’s been told she can’t go back to the retirement home so G*** & L*** had to clear all that out and store it in their garage until a nursing home becomes available. Shame really,… It was a beautiful place. Right now she is in the hospital just waiting,…. And no one has a clue how long this could take.  She could be in there for months. I won’t deny,… I still find it very upsetting to visit with her. Shes just not,… My Mom, you know?

Anyway, don’t really have much to write about. So, until next time,…..

P.S. Oh yeah,… my positive of the day?  The weather. Bright and sunny. Can’t be too long for spring now,…  Bring on the Flip-Flops!!  Actually I have 2 positives. The other one is all my friends that have rallied around and offered so much in the way of support during this awful situation. You’ve all been so kind and greatly appreciated.   🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elizabeth Barnesco
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 13:30:12

    So sorry to hear your Mom is struggling!!! (HUGGZZZ on the ‘not my Mom’, have been there and that is NOT a nice transition!) Good idea on the PO box — keep this up, you are an amazing inspiration! And even when you are at your worst, the positive attitude that is the real you shines through your posts…so don’t hesitate to write, please!


  2. jacquierose
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 21:23:41

    Thanks Liz,… I look forward to your encouraging comments. 🙂


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