Well it certainly has been a long day. It’s only 5:30pm and I’m exhausted. But I still have so much to get done. Guess I’ll have to have yet another cup of coffee to keep these eyes open.

Glen woke me up about 4:30am with “The Call”.  I knew the minute I heard the phone ring that Mom had passed away. And even though I knew in my head it was expected, In my heart it still hit me like a ton of bricks. There was no sleep after that. Up I got and on went the first pot of coffee of the day.

Hayley and I drove out to Fergus first thing this morning where we talked with Glen and Lisa about stuff. Then we all drove to Brampton to the Funeral Home to make the arrangements. We originally wanted to deal with Andrews Funeral Home where Dad had his funeral but they didnt’ have any available time. So we were forced to look somewhere else. In the end, we went with Wards Funeral Home in Brampton. It’s a surreal experience planning a funeral. Urns, and services and memorials,…. You hear them talking but it’s just not sinking in. You don’t want it too. Luckily Lisa was able to be the strong one and get done what needed to be done.

Then I dropped Hayley off and now finally I am back at home. But my homework has just begun. I have about 25 photo albums here I have to go through to pick out 40 – 50 photos for the digital photo presentation. This is not going to be easy and I just know I’m going to start looking at all these family memories and end up a puddle on the floor. But it’s got to be done.

Tomorrow I have to drive back into Brampton to identify Moms body at the Funeral Home at 9:30am  (who knew we’d even have to do this??? I thought Glen did it at the hospital??) Then off to Moms Church to hopefully catch the reverend to discuss the service. Then back home to pick up Hayley and drive her to Schomberg as she has a 3 hour presentation/meeting for her work. And somehow in between all this I have to go shopping for something half descent to wear. (I’m getting tired already just thinking of all that needs to be done)

Wednesday I will be driving to Barrie to pick up Michelle and bring her back here. Hopefully Wednesday night can just be a quiet, reflective evening alone.

And Thursday is the funeral. I have been doing quite well up until now. As long as I have stuff to do to keep me occupied I’m fine. But I know once Thursday comes and I get to the actual Funeral I will lose it and fall apart.

But until then,… one step at a time.

I still cannot believe she is gone.


For those wanting to know:

The Funeral will be held at Wards Funeral Home (52 Main Street South in Brampton ~ across from Gage park) on Thursday April 7th 2011 at 2:00pm. Unfortuantely there will be no viewings the days before as she will be getting cremated. The chapel will be set up by 1:00pm for anyone wanting to visit with the family.


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  1. Elizabeth Barnesco
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 19:31:38

    So, so sorry…it is just as hard with ‘warning’, just as much a shock — the only tiny consolation when it is not a shock, and the person has been ill, is you can say ‘no more pain’ — but that doesn’t really help, does it? Nothing helps the ‘missing’, especially when you have the time of decline to mourn as well — like mine, your mom was ‘gone’ before she died. Sigh…

    Unfortunately I can’t make the funeral as I can’t get away from work — but my thoughts will be with you, and I’m so glad all the ‘other mothers’ at Emmanuel will be there with you! Guess I’d better get out to church soon…always reminds me that they won’t be there for ever, much as I’d like to think they will be…gptta get those hugs while you still can!


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