What now?

Well I have finally moved. It’s been a tremendous amount of work and right now I am really paying for it. I am sore everywhere! People with fibromyalgia should not be doing the work that I have been doing over the past 4 days. But when your single and live alone you don’t have any other option. It has to get done. I am about three-quarters done now though so I’m hoping that now that I have the main stuff under control I can take my time with the rest.

I was so happy the day I moved out of that other place. I can’t tell you the relief I feel just knowing I never have to step foot in that horrible basement again. When I walked into my new apartment I was one big smile. Finally I could unpack all those boxes and get everything put away and continue on with life once again. I had literally ‘been on hold’ for the past 10 weeks. It was frustrating and stressful to say the least but now,… I can finally look forward once again.

But now, I have run into a new problem. One I have never dealt with before so I don’t know how to handle it. My new bathroom is infested with silverfish. They are EVERYWHERE! dozens and dozens of them. On the floor, the sink, the cupboard and even the bathtub. It’s horrible. I looked them up on-line and have discovered that in this quantity they will do a lot of damage especially to books and material. (bedding & furniture!) I have never seen so many bugs in one place before in my life (In a home). I’m totally creeped out and don’t even want to go to bed tonight for fear they are in my bedding!! I will talk with the superintendent first thing in the morning but the articles I have been reading leave me to believe they need to be treated by professional pest control and even they have a hard time getting rid of them completely. And the problem in an apartment building is if you don’t do the whole building they will never get rid of them ~ EVER! I can’t believe after all the shit I went through at the other apartment I now have to deal with this in my new one! Honestly,… I’m starting to feel like things will never go alright for me ever again. It’s always something. I can’t move again. I don’t want to move again. I can’t afford to move again. But I know I can’t live with an infestation of bugs either!

If anyone knows of anyway to get rid of these horrible bugs ~ please let me know ASAP as they are everywhere and I am totally freaked out about them. When I realized just how many of these things are actually running around I just sat down and cried. Too stressed for more crap ~I just can’t do it anymore,…. I know it sounds pathetic but all I can think of right now is “Why me” ~ I’ve had enough so why me,….


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