trying to keep the glass half full

I had a really busy day today so right now I am so tired I don’t know if I’m coming or going,….

Glen was nice enough to take the time out to drive me to the dump this morning. I had a bunch of big’ish stuff that needed tossing. I have to admit that this is the first time in YEARS that I have had someone to help me out with stuff. I’ve been living on my own for so long now and normally I have only had girlfriends who aren’t any better at household chores than I am. When things broke,… they stayed broke,…. So having Glen around has been a real treat. I have a list of stuff for him to do to help me out. ( hanging curtains, fixing furniture that broke during the move, putting stuff together that didnt’ get put back together after I moved,… etc,…) Stuff that I wouldn’t have a clue how to do but Glen has offered to take a day to come over with his drill and tools and try to get it all done for me.  T-R-E-A-T!!  I am being careful not to rely on him too much. But when you first move in to a new place there always seems like a ton of stuff to do. I’m writing out my “To Do” list but will be patient and wait until Glen has time. Once those things get done I should be able to manage on my own again like I always have.

I have decided to buy a love seat. If you remember I couldn’t take my other couch with me as it wouldn’t have fit into that last basement apartment. Jokes on me now as I lost it for nothing now that I have moved again. (I loved that couch,….) So I am going to break down and buy myself a reclining loveseat so that when the girls come down we can all have a comfortable place to sit and watch TV or movies or whatever. I have taken Moms recliner chair she had at the retirement home but I need more than one chair if anyone visits. So today I drove around looking at furniture. I’m pretty sure I know what I want so it’s just a matter of finding a good price and then buying it. Right now this place looks so bare with only one chair.

I went to Wal Mart and bought myself some curtains.  My apartment is actually in the basement level but I’m only underground 4 feet so my window is right at ground level only 12 feet from the sidewalk on the main road so everyone can look in and see everything. I feel like I’m living in a fishbowl. The window is huge too. It’s 10 feet long. So I bought some curtains and rods. I’ve asked Glen to come over and put them up for me when he has some time so will be happy when that’s done. I really don’t feel comfortable at all without them. But this was another added expense I wasn’t expecting.   

As for the silverfish,… I am still totally freaked out about them. But I have been mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors 3 times a day with hot soapy water and bleach. The smell alone has got to kill them as its bothering me. I do notice there is a few less but I know they are just hiding until dark. I’m going to buy some silicone and I am going to seal every inch of that bathroom so there’s no way for them to get in. I haven’t told the superintendent yet as he wasn’t home when I knocked on his door earlier. But I will. He may need to get pest control in here to spray and then I’ll silicone everything I can and maybe that will help. (God I HOPE he gets pest control in and doesn’t just give me ant bait or something as totally useless) Again,… any suggestions anyone has out there please let me know. I cannot live with all these creepy bugs. They destroy everything. And I’m really, really anxious about the whole thing. I keep thinking if there everywhere I look then they’re probably in my bedding too and that has my anxiety level off the chart.  (ew,…ew,…ew,…)

My fibromyalgia is still flaring up big-time. I sat down to watch a bit of TV tonight and I completely seized up and could barely walk when I tried to get back up. Oh the pain,… Epsom bath (hopefully with no silverfish in the tub with me!!  ~  Ew!! ) some painkillers and then bed to read. I will more than likely sleep in really late tomorrow as I always do when I have to take medication for the fibromyalgia. But I don’t care. At least when I sleep I’m not in pain,….. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. If it’s nice out I can try to go for a gentle walk to loosen up. That’s the secret of Fibromyalgia. If you do too much ~ you pay for it,… But if you don’t do anything but sit and do nothing then you pay for that too,…. You have to find that happy medium of staying active but only gently.

Ok, as I am writing this my cat Maggie is looking at something I can’t see and growling. Growling? I didn’t even know cats could do that? Now she’s got me all spooked. (Like I needed more to add to my anxiety,…) Dumb cat,….


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  1. Sue
    May 07, 2011 @ 23:26:12

    For the silverfish try Borax. Just sprinkle it behind your fridge and stove and then in your bathroom at all walls and cupboards. If they’re really stubborn you may have to sprinkle along all of your walls to finally kill them. Good luck. (Don’t know how safe this is for your cat though. You may need to send it to a friends for a few days)
    Otherwise, I’m glad your finally in your new apartment. Once you get the silverfish under control I know you’ll be so much happier.
    So, YES, always think of the glass half “FULL”


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