Another “It Could Only Happen To Me” moment,….

Only I could have this happen,…

I’m mopping the floors. Suddenly I hear this bubbling, gurgling noise coming from the bathroom. I’m already hot and sweaty and feeling  the need to end my cleaning spree that came upon me a few hours earlier. Hot and tired as I am I go into the bathroom to find,… bubbles! Big, white soapy bubbles spewing out of the toilet. Not just in the toilet,… Out of the toilet,… and running down the sides and creeping across the floor,…. There is a very loud gurgling noise. The water in the toilet is bubbling profusely and the fluffy white stuff just won’t stop spewing! I run into the living room and grab the mop and run back to the bathroom. I start to try and mop away all these bubbles but they just keep on coming! I mean,… What in the world????? By this point I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s almost too comical to comprehend. I even think maybe there’s a hidden camera somewhere and I’m being laughed at hysterically as I mop. But nope,… no camera,… no joke,… just mounds and mounds of bubbles.

 Now it begs the question, “To flush or not to flush”.   I don’t even dare. I go and call the superintendent instead. No answer. I run up to his apt. Not home. Hmm,… I run back downstairs to my apt (beginning to feel a bit like Lucille Ball at this point,..) I call the owner of the building,… no answer,…  There are times in life when one really hates being a gal living on her own who knows nothing about home maintenance.  And now I’m actually cursing myself for not being married to a plumber. Or dating a plumber,… hell,… to just knowing a plumber! But I don’t have anyone to call. (Good Lord who wouldn’t ask me if I was drinking if I even did call someone?)

In the end it stopped bubbling and gurgling on its own. So I just mopped up the big mess. Finally,…. I closed one eye (cuz the other one had to peek to see what would happen,…) and I flushed. The water all burbled away and although it took a long time the bowl eventually filled back up with clear water. Now I’m left standing there scratching my head wondering what just happened here???? Do I dare risk flushing again? I do. and it works just fine.

Even now, 2 days later, I still haven’t the foggiest why my toilet decided to regurgitate soap suds. It just did. I just chalked it up to one of my “It Could Only Happen To Me” moments and moved on.

As for my weekend, it was great. Sunday Michelle and Hayley came down and we had a lovely afternoon. First we went to the “used book store/video rental/boutique’y kinda thing” store here in town. Being 3 avid bookworms that took a while to get out of. Then the girls went to the grocery store and bought stuff for dinner and came home and made me a belated Mothers Day dinner. It was wonderful to not only not have to cook, but to just go sit down afterwards and not have to do the dishes either. Bliss. Glen and Lisa also came over as we were having a quick celebration for Glens 50th birthday. His birthday isnt’ actually until tomorrow but we thought we’d have a little family thing while the girls were down. I just cannot get over the fact that Glen is 50! I remember us as little kids frog catching in the creek,… and playing hide-and-seek,… and having my Mom dump all three of us kids in that sunday evening bath. (Yes, the ONCE A WEEK bath!! We must have stunk all week!) I don’t know where all the years have gone. But they have definitely passed because we’re all now heading into the “over” the hill and not just on top of it anymore phase of our lives. Anyway,…. Happy “50th” Big Brother,……

And today, Hayley and I bonded by holding hands while she got her Monroe piercing. (Haven’t times changed,… Mothers and daughters used to bond over graduation dress shopping or the like,…) I can’t say I’m a big “piercing” fan myself but it seems to be what all the kids like to do nowadays. At least it’s only a small stud and nothing too gaudy or down-right grotesque. Then I brought her to work and I drove back home and the weekend is officially over now.

Now, I am sat here watching Coronation Street that I had taped and sniffing snuffling and blowing my nose. I guess all the running around in the pouring rain all weekend left me with a cold. Oh well,… I had a great weekend and that’s all that matters.

Tomorrow I’m off to Brampton for the day,….


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