Healing and Recovery begins,….

Being in the new ward was where the healing and recovery began. Suddenly I found I was busy. It felt like I was in College. Each morning I was up and showered by 6:30am and off to breakfast before classes began. Some of the classes were light and educational. (In other words, boring and mandatory,..) But some were quite intense. Apparently we must peel off all the layers of our life. Like an onion. (Theres a lot of crying before it’s all done) before we can build ourselves back up again on a more solid foundation. These classes were hard work emotionally and I usually felt quite drained afterwards. I had no idea just how hard all this “getting better” was going to be.

It’s why I enjoyed my meal times so much. It was like “recess”. The cafeteria was a buzz of every patient from every ward in the whole hospital coming together. I’m a people watcher. And this place had a whole lot of variety of different folks to watch.

Our ward (Trillium 2) was usually the first in line. We joked amongst ourselves what gluttonous pigs we have become. Next to come are usually the H.A.B.S. This is the drug and alcohol addiction ward. There are a lot of tattoo’s and funky hairdo’s with this group. Then theres what I call “The Sticks”. Girls from the Eating Disorder Unit. (And I use this term affectionately having suffered a secret eating disorder myself in my teens,…) They keep to themselves. Huddled up at a table talking calories and exercise. I’ve never seen a stick actually eat anything more than salad and coffee. Some of these girls are so painfully thin they have to drive around the hospital on scooters because they’re too frail to walk for any length of time. And so it goes. All patients from all the wards getting together. It really is a mixed bunch.

I have been in Homewood now since August 4th. ~ 26 days ~  I’m not sure how long I will have to be here. I don’t mind really. I know it’s helping me to get well. And it’s not exactly a hardship. All meals made for you (No dishes!!) Hot tub, massages, work out room, bowling alley, crafts, miles of lovely trails to walk,…. And every night is like a slumber party in the patient lounge. We all sit in our jammies watching TV and having fun. In fact, I’m a little anxious about having to return home when the time comes.


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