Happy Valentines Day

Well once again February 14th rolls around and I find myself celebrating it with a coffee in my hand and a cat on my lap while I sit in front of the telly watching soppy movies about true love. Blah,…  humbug,…

Being alone does make me sad. I would like to have a special someone but, come on,…. what can I offer a man? My dating profile would be interesting to say the least. “certifiably mad woman with numerous mental health issues,… social phobic won’t leave her apartment or talk with strangers,… fears germs to a fault,…. depression ruins her life and OCD controls it,… doesn’t function well due to large doses of medication” If interested please reply,…

Yup, this is one aspect of mental illness that most people don’t think about. It’s not only a difficult illness to live with,… it’s also a lonely one. Lots of people want to help and support me which is awesome (my family has been my lifeline) but no one wants to actually get involved with someone like me. I think they are scared. People with mental illness are sometimes unpredictable,.. which can lead to others being apprehensive about our behavior. We don’t “fit” into the “normal” mold of everyone else and that leads to fear.

Not gonna deny it. I have definitely had my meltdowns over the years. And these meltdowns scared my family and friends and led to the loss of my children. I’m not proud of these times but it was all part of the illness. Unfortunately, it made most people turn around and walk the other way. No man in his right mind would attempt to have a relationship. My life is too different from everyone else’s. It makes for a pretty lonely existence.

(But on the other hand,… my profile could have room for a few other things too.  Heart of gold,… humorous,… loves her family with all she has and never gives up no matter how hard the journey gets…)

I watched the news on February 12th. (Bells “Lets Talk Day”) and I was really glad to see them focus on mental health and air stories from mentally ill people throughout this week. Encouraging to us who suffer with the illness and revealing and educational to those who don’t know anything about it.  I think society is definitely headed in the right direction with mental health care.

So for all you people out there snuggling up with their special someone enjoying cupids day ~ just take a quick minute to be thankful that you are not only mentally healthy,… but that you are lucky enough to have a special someone to snuggle up to,…

Happy Valentines Day Everyone






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rosemary
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 14:28:46

    Hi my fellow British comrade in arms please add me as a friend on facebook again. (You have no add as friend:( I took myself off for over three months that’s how much I isolated myself. Couldn’t even bother to be nosey enough to see what my kids were up too. I do have your blog on my favorites. Perhaps we should get together sometime for a cup of tea or a glass of rum or…we could just sit on our computers and commiserate with each other. I so get the no fellas in our lives thing. Even though I am much older than you. 58!!! I have not even thought of having a relationship for well over ten years. Just how do you explain yourself? I wish I was rich enough to just runaway and start a new life. Umm but that would mean going out ..past my comfort zones.. keep your pecker up love;)


  2. jacquierose
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 16:01:18

    Ok, I have added you back to Facebook. Of course we should get together but I find it so difficult to leave my apartment and the heavily sedating Seroquel I take leaves me with horrible sleeping problems so it’s hard to plan anything ~ don’t know if I’ll even be awake when the time comes to visit!! But we will try. It will be good for me. 🙂


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