Mathilda has taken a vacation


Most of my blog entries are when I am having bad days. I guess when I’m feeling good I just don’t feel the need to write. But even I can see that negative, negative, negative can become boring, boring, boring,… So I just thought I would write a few lines to say that I had a good day today. In fact the past couple of days have been good. My computer died last week so I had to bring it to Orangeville to get fixed. Of course I had to leave it with them and I was literally “off the grid” for about 4 days. I thought I would go crazy with no internet but instead I barely missed it. When I did pick it up, good news,… it was all still under warranty so ~ no charge ~ woo-who,.. gotta love that.

And today I was going to spend the day inside sorting out some stuff. But suddenly I thought to hell with it. I need to get out. GO OUTSIDE! Go be out in the land of the living. So I boldly invited myself over to my brothers and we all spent a few hours around the pool. It was nice to be outside. It was nice to be sociable. I can’t do it every day but today was good so I took advantage and grabbed the day by the horns and rode the ride. Ok, basically I put on my fat-lady bathing suit and paddled around the pool but in my life that’s a bull-ride. My brother and I talked about old times with family and neighbours and how we really did have a great up-bringing. We got caught up with gossip and generally just had an awesome afternoon.

And then some old friends got in touch to see if we should all plan a “turning 50” dinner together. At first I panicked thinking There’s no way I will be able to do that. But, after thinking about it I’m sure I can. There 3 very good friends that I have known for years and years and (well we are turning 50) – so years!! I’m sure I will be fine. I am always fine when I am with my daughters or Glen and Lisa so I’m sure I will be fine out with them too. In fact, dare I say it, I think it will be fun and good for me to do. So that now gives me something to look forward to. No date set yet but sometime in September. I think they are all aware of all my odd little quirks and issues so I’m sure we can all just laugh at me if I get too crazy. Actually, Only I can call myself crazy ~ you can all call me mentally interesting with a twist of humour.

And tomorrow? Wow, tomorrow I get to go grocery shopping. Is having that much fun even legal, I’ll have to check. So no sad blog today. Lets hope the next one is as optimistic too.

BTW: anyone wondering about the title,… I call my “mental’ness” Mathilda. You know I’m having a bad day if Mathilda is in the building,…. The past few days I have just been “Jacquie” ~ how refreshing is that? 🙂


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