Counting your blessings

Family Christmas

Just a short blog today. I had a really nice Christmas this year. I love my family so much and getting to spend Christmas with them all was so much fun. Forget all the driving I had to do,… forget the ice storm. Forget the money,… Being with my girls,… my brother & his family and my Aunt Doreen and her family made up for absolutely everything.

My life hasn’t been easy with all my health problems. I spent many holidays alone for many of the past 10 years. But this year,…. It was awesome. I loved the chaos and loudness of having Michelle and Hayley here. (took me two days to clean up after them once they left,…LOL) I loved going to The Captains (Glen) and his family Christmas eve. And I loved driving to Aurora to spend Christmas Day with my Aunt Doreen. I am well and truly blessed.

My health managed to behave itself. Very little shaking/trembling. And for the most part because I knew everyone so well I was comfortable rather than overwhelmed.

So the next time my health takes a dip and I start getting ill again ~ I will just think of this Christmas. All the love shared by my family and the great time we all had. Because in my life you count all your blessings and don’t dwell on the illness.



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