Crazy OCD rule #247 is,…

OCD is exactly what it says ~ Obsessive Compulsive disorder. There are many different degrees to which people suffer from it. I would say that I’m somewhere in the middle. My life isn’t ‘ruined’ by it but it sure can put a strain on things. Some of my little obsessions are serious but overall I always feel that I have to laugh at them as they can be so ridicules. I get so fixated on things that other people wouldn’t even think about.

I have your ‘normal’ ~ or maybe I should say your more recognized ~ behaviours like,…

Cleaning I am a real germaphobe and use a lot of bleach, Lysol and my favorite of all favs,…Spray 9. I wash my hands at least 30 to 40 times a day. If they don’t smell like soap I have to go and wash them until they do. Everyday I have to make sure all the doorknobs, light switches, taps, etc,… get scrubbed. My apartment doesn’t necessarily have to be tidy but you will always find it clean.  I won’t swim in oceans, lakes or even pools (except my brothers) . I won’t eat at some restaurants. I find theatres and the like one big germ and rarely can I go in them.

Counting,…which drives me mad ~ I tend to count everything. All my steps whenever I’m walking~ how long I wash my hands or brush my teeth,…  1,…2,…3,… Drives me crazy!

Rituals,… This one is a bit different. This I call my ‘silly’ traits. They just don’t make any sense what-so-ever. Like only being able to use ‘safe’ things. And in my kitchen, safe things are only eating off my white plates, my black bowls and even though I have 3 different patterns of  utensils I only find the one pattern safe to use. In the morning I can only drink coffee out of one particular mug. When I put something in the microwave, I can only use even numbers that match (22, 33, 44, etc,…)  In fact my whole apartment is a minefield of safe and unsafe things to use.

Organizing,…All of my cupboards and closets are very neat and organized. My pantry not only has food in their proper places (lined up like soldiers was one comment I have heard) but the English labels have to be facing out and everything has to be in alphabetical order. (same for movies and CD’s)

Checking,… This one is kind of like a ritual but it makes me even crazier because I can’t stop it. I check all appliances are off several times a day. I check my door and windows are always locked. I check my peep-hole in my door all the time.  Right now I still don’t feel safe and really want to get another lock on the door even though my reasonable side of my brain is telling me I don’t need to. Locks are a big thing with me.

And then there’s just the plain old ridiculous that they’re funny. When I sit down, my clothes can’t have any folds or wrinkles under me or I can feel them and they make me so uncomfortable I have to keep re-arranging myself until it feels ‘right’ I’m sure I look like a dog doing  circles to finally lie down.

And now I have a NEW fear ~ lice. A few days ago the news reported that there is a new breed of lice that present treatments don’t work on. So now I am freaking out and won’t go near anyone. Not really rational I know, but that’s how this poor little brain of mine works.

This isn’t all of them but you get an example of how it can control my life. I do try my best not to show any of this while with people but its hard. And if I do, I just laugh at myself and hope not to make anyone uncomfortable.

Yup,… welcome to the weird world of OCD


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