And the roller coaster is going down,…

I’m still “stuck”  I can’t seem to get going on anything. I just don’t have the energy. Still sleeping for long periods of time yet never waking up refreshed. I guess I’m on a downward cycle. (yup, the roller coaster is barreling down to the bottom and I seem to be unable to stop it). I went to Barrie on Tuesday. And even if the long car ride took a lot out of me, I had a great visit with Michelle. It’s like I have to save up energy and build it up in order for me to do anything these days. And on the days I don’t have to do anything I am stuck, fatigued and sad until the next burst of energy finally comes.

I get quite sad and frustrated when I get like this. No control over your mind or body really sucks.

But, will continue fighting to feel better.


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