On the up & up I think

Well hopefully the picture says it all. My FM has still flared up and I feel sore all over but sometimes you just have to push through it and come out the other side smiling. I think I’ve managed to do that for the moment.

Got some new medication for the fibromyalgia which I started today. I’m hoping it really does help me as pain is an awful thing to live with day after day. I’m keeping optimistic though. Glass half full,… that sort of thing,…

Not really much else to say right now. Except I’m working on getting out and about a lot more and finding it easier each time I do. Probably time to start calling friends for coffee. I certainly feel more up to it now. (so drop me a text if you feel like getting out for a visit,… Fergus isn’t that far away or we can meet half way somewhere) It’s time for this wee lassie to get back out there and have a life!!



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