FM whooping my butt

Nope, today just isn’t happening,…  When I woke up I just knew I was in for a bad day. Aside from the FM being extra painful today, I also  have the shakes quite bad right now. It makes it difficult to do anything. I tried though.  I took my time and cleaned the litter box, the bathroom and a load of laundry. It has left me in so much pain I just don’t know where to put myself. Standing hurts,… sitting hurts,… and even lying down hurts. I’m very frustrated and feeling quite down. I don’t like when I can’t do things. I feel like the fibromyalgia has whooped my butt today. So that’s me done for awhile. I’ll just have to do the rest of the stuff tomorrow.

Please Mr knight in shining armour,.. come and rescue me. And by rescue I mean clean my apartment,…  Oh well. A girl can hope can’t she?


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