Phone Phobia

phone phobiaHere is one of my ridicules quirks,…..

Well it’s that time of year again. My birthday. And with my birthday comes the ever annoying chore of renewing my drivers license. Simple enough task one would think. But not in the world of Jacquie and her nonsensical aberrations. Because I have an older car I nave to get an emissions test done. And with this it means I have to phone a car place to make an appointment. Now I have no idea why, but in the past ten years one of my idiosyncrasies has been a fear of cold calling someone I don’t know. Especially if its men. I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it. I thought of just showing up but that too isn’t easy for me. I just have this social phobia where I can’t do it. ( I have the same issue when the phone rings I can’t answer it) Because of this, come Sunday, It will be illegal for me to drive. So my anxiety is just rising higher and higher. Knowing it has to be done makes me feel so defeated. And here it is Thursday and I still haven’t done it. Bugger all its such a ludicrous situation. Wish me luck on actually getting it done.

Yesterday I did manage to get 4 errands done which for me is awesome. Especially if it involves outside and people. But when I got home it was absolutely pouring down with rain. So I ran from my car to my apartment building. But one of my flip flops flipped or flopped the wrong way and I went ass over tea kettle landing unceremoniously on my butt To make things worse, a delivery guy saw the whole thing, and just kept asking if I was sure I was alright. I was. Just extremely embarrassed. Things like this come under the title of “It could only happen to me,…”That afternoon though I really started to feel sore. When you have fibromyalgia (which surprisingly I have learned a lot of people do) a small fall like that can really set you back. Today I am really feeling it. So I am taking it easy.

Then tomorrow I am invited to a little get together at a friends. There will only be a few people there and I know them well. We all grew up on the same street together so actually I have known them for 40 or 50 years!!!  (ouch ~ that sounded like a lot of years,…) So even though I’ll be a little bit anxious it won’t be too bad. In fact, I’m sure I’m going to enjoy myself.


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