Good news


Great News! I went to my Neurologist appointment this morning. As I’ve already mentioned in this blog, I have a problem with shaking and trembling. I have had this problem for the past year or two . My doctor and I pretty much put it down to all the medications that I’m on. But she sent me to a neurologist just to make sure. He was so nice and had me do a few preliminary exercises and with that he declared “You DO NOT have Parkinsons!” I can’t tell you the relief I felt. I watched my father live with Parkinson’s for many years and it is a horrible disease. He said that instead it might be something called “essential tremor”. But it could also be my medications like we thought from the very beginning. Apparently one of the meds I’m on is well known for giving people tremors. But another one of my meds is known to help tremors.  (???)  In the end I have to go and get blood work done and they’ll book an MRI just to rule anything else out. I was so relieved to hear all this. It won’t take the tremors away but knowing its nothing serious ~ I can live with that.

So now when I go to drink my coffee and miss my mouth because I’m shaking everyone can just laugh it off. (Honestly, there really have been some funny moments,…) I just have to be careful with stairs as they seem to make my legs feel really weak and shaky. I’ve had enough tumbles this week thank you very much I don’t need another one.

So the last word is ~ Yay!! ~


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