Things are on the way up

Well this is momentous. This is my 500th blog post entry. Hooray me.

I haven’t written in a few weeks. Last time I had gone off my medication and life got a little chaotic. But I’m happy to say I’m back on them and things have been good ever since.

Two weeks ago I went to my appointment with my Neurologist to get the results of my MRI. Good News ~ I have a brain! Better news,… everything is good. So it doesn’t look like my tremors stem from any neurological problems. We still think its a lingering side affect from one of my medications. A medication that I stopped taking in November. He assured me that it can still linger for quite a few months so the hope is it will just eventually get better. Thank goodness for that. Getting kind of tired of having to drink from a Sippy cup.

And all last week I finally found some motivation and got my apartment clean. Of course now that its all down I’m sore and tired because of the fibromyalgia but it was well worth it to finally get this place clean. I think I had enough cat hair under my furniture to make 8 more complete cats!

And then today I had a friend over for the afternoon (One I met in “The Bin”) and we had an awesome time. Its hard work getting me out of my apartment and out socializing but I’ve been working on that and forcing myself to do more. I always feel great once I’ve done it. So more social dates for me!

So overall,… I feel good and happy. Still need to work on some things but at least I’m trying and on the right path.

Not much to write about as things have been going so well. So I’ll stop here and fingers crossed I’ll be even better next time.


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  1. Anonymous
    Mar 04, 2015 @ 23:28:33

    I think its great how far you have come, keep up the good work!


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