depression wears you out

For the past few weeks I have been fighting a depression that seems to suffocate me. I can’t get out of bed,… and when I do, I can’t do anything but watch TV. I am back to my “just do 3 things today” and finding it hard to even do that. I feel like the world is so very far away. I want to be a part of it but I’m just too tired and sad to walk out my door. I have been attending my appointments but it feels like such hard work right now. But I guess not cancelling these meetings and being present at them is something,…

I don’t feel like writing today. So I’m not going to force the words to come out. I’m just hoping that things get better soon. Spring is here. I should be happy. I should be outside. I should be with friends. But that’s just too hard for me right now. I’m still trying though. Because I know things do get better eventually and the good times make it worth the wait of ‘sitting it out’ for awhile.

In the meantime,… I am trying my best,…


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