lets just give this week a miss

Yup, this has been my week. I had so much planned and did none of it. Cancelled a friends visit on Monday,… ended up with the worst fucking bladder infection known to mankind on Tuesday,… which lasted through Wednesday. Cancelled another appointment Thursday and sat at home and cried on Friday.

Nothing actually happened to have caused this week to be so bad. I just was having a really hard time with my “mentall’ness” (can I call it that? yeah, I’m going to call it that ~ mental’ness,…) So I just hid out. Stayed in my apartment and felt everything in the picture above.

I did go to my N/A meeting tonight but just wasn’t feeling socially up to it. Didn’t say a word all group and instead of going out for ice-cream afterwards I just came home. Totally drained.

And that’s pretty much it for me this week,… So if you feel so inclined please sing me “soft kitty”, send ice-cream and a big ol’ hug.

Roll on better days,…


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