Really missing my internet

Well this has certainly been a week!

But first of all,… Christmas. For a holiday that sounded like I was going to be alone for, it turned out really well. I went up to Barrie and spent the day with Michelle. It was awesome. Quiet, laid back and fun. The weather was perfect. So no white-outs or blizzards like I usually end up getting when I drive there. The only thing wrong with the day was it was far too short.
I also had my 3 childhood friends come to visit over the holidays. We have just recently been dubbed “B.O.B’s” by one of the girls husbands. “Bitches of Bramalea” – Don’t know how accurate that is but we do have a lot of fun when together. They brought over dinner and we got caught up on each others lives. It’s always great to see them all. Friends like that are precious so we are always happy when we can finally find a date that all 3 of us are free to get together.

But,… The bad news is my computer up and died on me last week. FRIED! (and only 3 weeks after my warranty and IT help expired. Just my luck! You don’t know how much you rely on this stuff until its taken away. I am devastated as for a person who is agoraphobic and has a bad social anxiety and rarely leaves my apartment, my computer is my window to the outside world. I will not be able to afford to buy a new one so I’m really upset about this. I have an old hand-me-down tablet but that broke too when my cat knocked it onto the floor and something broke. I can’t get into it now as it has gone back to factory settings and I don’t know the password to get back into it.
And now,… my phone is acting up. I can talk on it, but the texting has broken. So I am now left with a much smaller world than I had with the computer and all its social media. I am presently sat in the Fergus library typing this out as I now have no way to add posts to this blog. *sigh* I’ll try my best but entries on here may be fewer and further between than normal.

My mood has been very low over the past few months. I went to the doctors and had the anti-depressant dosage upped a bit so we will see if that helps at all. I try my best though. But sometimes going through life can feel like I’m wading through molasses. Everything is an effort and nothing gets done quickly. But I trundle on,…

Well I have to stop here as I have another appointment to go to. Just wanted to let you all know why I won’t be writing so much in the future 😦 It’s quite sad for me as I use this blog as a form of therapy so I will miss it. (and to let you know if you have tried to contact me via facebook/messaging or whatever I am not ignoring you)

And that is it for the moment.


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  1. robbear13
    Jan 07, 2016 @ 19:16:23

    I’m so glad to hear you had a good time with family and friends over the holidays!

    Your “communications cut-off,” however, is a real bummer. Hard to talk with people if you cannot talk to them. Hope someone can help you with this.
    Bear hugs.


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