Good Day!

Just a quick entry to update you,…Things are looking better. I am still clean and sober,… I feel much better in myself. I have been getting out a lot more which is always good for me. Today I saw my surgeon. I am pretty much good as new now. NO PAIN anymore. 🙂 He gave me my surgery date to remove my gallbladder (April 15th) I never look forward to operations but I know this one is mandatory to not get sick again. I saw my regular doctor and she gave me a clean bill of health too. I went to the library to use their internet,… I even went for a walk!
But best of all,… My brother brought me back my computer ~ FIXED ~ I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Woo~who,… I am back on line,… I can’t thank my brother enough.
I am sleeping better now. Finally closing in on a ‘sleep all night and be awake all day’ regime. I’m going to work hard at keeping it that way.
I have also tried to connect with people once again. Hopefully I am going to see an N/A friend on Thursday. Haven’t seen her since I fell off the wagon and was too embarrassed to talk to anyone in my N/A group. I want to start going back to the group but the car is getting ‘iffy’ to drive so don’t feel safe driving in anything but good weather.
So overall,… things are looking up,….


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  1. robbear13
    Feb 10, 2016 @ 13:38:30

    I’m really glad to hear things are going better for you, Jacquie, as you ride your rollercoaster. You’re healthier, you’re getting out, and your computer is back. (Hope that didn’t all happen the same day; it might have been a bit overwhelming.) Now I hope you get back to NA. And I hope that goes really well.
    I also hope you don’t worry too much about the surgery. Surgeon will probably put a little hole in you, put the laparoscopic (OH, long word!) tool into you, go “snip, snip,” and pull out the old gall bladder. Then he (or she) will say, “That’s enough out of you,” and close you up with a couple of stitches. And you’ll get to sleep through the whole thing, I expect.
    Winter is being winter out here, but hardly any show, and temperatures just under the freezing mark. None of the -40° stuff, yet. (As far as I am concerned, that extreme cold can stay away all winter.)
    My good news is that I may finally be getting to be “in charge” of my depression. Things are looking so much better. I think I am getting a bit excited about that.
    Sadly, my chronic pain issues are still present, but they are still manageable. So that is mixed news.
    Blessings and Bear hugs!


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