Quick up~date


Ugggggg,…. Since my  unfortunate ‘melt~down’ Sunday night, I have been clean.  But stopping every thing at once usually has me going through withdrawal symptoms. And I am now living that. Its like having the flu. (Yes, it well and truly was my own fault!) But I feel much better today. Mentally and physically.

I called Hayley today and that was good. It was so nice to hear her voice and all her plans. Moving to England for two years to be a Nanny in London. I was really upset about that when I heard. But since I have talked with her and know all the details, I feel much better about it. I will always miss her, but the experience for her is just so great. Now I am embracing her moving and feeling excited for her myself. I am a parent,… and we all go through this. I guess its just how we decide to accept it and look at it as positive. There will be tears when she leaves. (October 1st) I will be seeing her next week. We are meeting up to go out for lunch. I’m really looking forward to her coming.

That is me up-to-date,…


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