Life is good


Life couldn’t be any better right now.

I have been sober for 1 month and 14 days. And I have no cravings or desire to go back to my past life of addiction. I have done a complete 180º on my lifestyle.

I go to bed at a normal time every night. And wake up early. I have been going to the pool three times a week taking aqua fit geared for people with fibromyalgia. And it has helped. I still have pain but its easier to cope with now. My relationship with K*** couldn’t be better.

The medication I am on now seems to be doing the trick. I am happy, stable and well-balanced. I am really enjoying my life right now. I understand things could change at any time but I am working very hard to stay sober and live a life of quality instead of just existing.

I have plans for the future. Which I’m excited about. I enjoy seeing people again. Doing things instead of hibernating in my apartment. There just really isn’t anything negative going on.

I only hope and pray things will continue on so positively. Fingers crossed.


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  1. robbear13
    Apr 01, 2018 @ 06:11:18

    I’m so happy for you, Jacquie! You have managed to turn your life around. This sounds so fine. You are “winning” at so many different things. I hope you can keep going like this for a very long time (as in as long as you live!).
    My life continues to be a challenge. The chronic pain is as chronic as ever. But we did manage to get away for a few days — though those brought a lot of extra pain. Yet I’m all right for the shape I’m in (more or less).
    Blessings and Bear hugs!


  2. jacquie
    Apr 01, 2018 @ 11:05:41

    Thank you Robbear13 ~ so sorry to hear your pain is so bad. I know what thats like. It makes it hard to want to do anything. Keep smiling and have a happy easter 🙂


    • robbear13
      Apr 03, 2018 @ 06:13:28

      Thanks, Jacquie. One day at a time, one foot ahead of the next, and do the best I can each day.
      Easter is the story of new beginnings and new possibilities. I count on that each day.
      Blessings and Bear hugs!


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